CPB Client Seminar Series

CPB Seminar and Movie Night 14th December 2016

Held at the Piccadilly Cinema at North Adelaide Haydyn Scott & David Erdonmez from PIMCO Global Wealth Management provided us with an overview of both the Australian and world investment markets. David had previously worked with Standard & Poors and JP Morgan in London, and had also been the CEO of Lonsec Research over his 23 years of investment market experience. Haydn also worked in London as an investment specialist with Goldman Sachs before joining PIMCO.

David and Haydn discussed PIMCO's view of world growth rate forecasts suggesting that 2017 would bring a world growth of around 2.75% and an inflation rate of 2%, with both categories in the US on the increase to 2.25% each, while in China growth would drop to a mere 6% (wouldn't that be nice here?) and inflation at 1.5%. That the task of rebalancing growth would fall to the Centrals Banks and that they would proceed slowly and carefully.

They predicted that a Global recession in 2017 was unlikely and backed up their view with statistics on the duration of US economic expansion runs since 1945. The March 1991 run continued for 120 months and was the longest US period of continuous growth since 1945. Putting Australia into context, our current continuous growth has run for 300 months.

They went to say that the current hole in growth left by the mining industry was being filled by apartment construction, particularly in Queensland. They said that the intensity of the mining headwind is fading, given that we are 5 years into the commodity price adjustments and now mining is a smaller part of the economy than housing construction.

They talked about Australia's household debt to GDP ratios compared to the rest of the world, which in layman's terms meant that we hold considerable household debt creating increasing vulnerability, they spoke of the construction boom creating an oversupply risk.

Following the 2016 Federal Election Australia's credit rating was changed by Standard & Poors from "stable" to "negative" and this perceived fiscal restraint combined with the close election result meant there was little chance of additional fiscal support. Meaning that most of the pressure would be on the Reserve Bank to get their policy decisions right on issues like interest rates.

Overall their outlook was for lower rates and lower returns but with an overlay of relative security.

Following questions, we settled into watching the movie Red Dog True Blue.


Investment Outlook and 2016 Budget Update

The Adelaide Pavilion, South Terrace Adelaide (parking on site)
6.15pm to 8.00pm Wednesday 25th May 2016.

Matt Manning is a technical services consultant for the BT Group and is often the first port of call for planners and technicians right across BT seeking clarification on legislation and associated strategy.

Matt provided us with a breakdown of the 2016 Federal Budget, including the changes to superannuation contribution levels and arrangements, general tax rates and aged pension amendments. Matt spoke of the potential impacts that some of these changes may have on individual's circumstances and suggested some ways of mitigating any ill effects.

Nathan Masalski was a very capable stand in for Stephen Halmarick, who was unable to attend the evening at late notice. Nathan has a varied background in financial investment markets and is currently an Investment and business development specialist with Colonial First State Global Asset Management.

Nathan gave us an overview of how world events are shaping our investment markets and then went on to look individually at Europe, the US and Asian markets.

The evening finished with some prize draws and refreshments and canapes.

Despite the weather, wet and rainy, we still had an excellent turn out. Thank you to those who attended. Our next event will be in November 2016.




Client Seminar Series.

27th May 2015

Adelaide Pavilion


Matt Sherwood is Perpetual's Chief Spokesperson on forecasts and trends for the Australian economy and its interaction with global financial markets. Matt's viewpoints are frequently sought by policymakers and opinion leaders in Australia and aired on news and current affairs media such as Sky News, SBS and the ABC in Australia; CNN and Bloomberg in Asia.


Peter Kelly is the Manager, Technical Advice with the Centrepoint Alliance, the parent company of Australia's largest non-institutionally owned financial planning group.

Peter provides technical and regulation advice to financial advisers and accountants in the areas of retirement planning, social security, aged care and estate planning. He also has extensive knowledge in all aspects of self-managed superannuation funds.


Matt provided us with his view of world investment markets and talked particularly of the issues facing both Greece and China. The challenge for investment managers was to continue to provide value for investors in the current market environment. The keys were sound local research and a systematic approach to determining value propositions.


Peter addressed the threats and opportunities presented in the Hockey Budget, highlighting some of the less obvious impacts that the Budget presented.


The evening finished with refreshments and finger food.

Our next Seminar is scheduled for early November 2015.


Seminar Series November 2014

The latest in our Client Seminar Series will be held in November 2014 at the Piccadilly Cinema in North Adelaide.

Our speaker for the evening will be the Chief Economist for the BT Financial Group, Dr Chris Caton who will provide valuable insights into market economic trends, financial policy and political developments. A former head of the Economic Division of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Chris is a leading analyst of both the Australian and international economies, and of their impacts on individuals and industry.

A seasoned communicator, Dr Caton has the ability to convey messages from economic markets in a way that is both insightful and understood. Chris is a lover of cricket, cycling and athletics and lives on the Gold Coast with his wife and family.


Following the movie we will see the new release movie My Old Lady starring Kevin Kleine and Maggie Smith.


Client Seminar Series


Wednesday 27th November 2013

Piccadilly Cinema at North Adelaide.



Our speaker for the evening was Matt Sherwood,

Head of Markets Research at Perpetual.


In this capacity Matt is Perpetual's Chief Spokesperson on forecasts and trends for the Australian economy and its interaction with global financial markets. Matt's viewpoints are frequently sought by policymakers and opinion leaders in Australia and aired on news and current affairs media such as Sky News, SBS and the ABC in Australia; CNN and Bloomberg in Asia. Matt presents extensively to clients and stakeholders and has lectured in both Australia and the US. Matt provided us with an update on Australian and World economies and covered a broad range of topical issues, including US stimulus spending, job growth trends in Australia, US, Asia and Europe, an update on European debt and an insight into where housing prices are heading in Australia and around the world.


Matt isolated the performance of the major investment assets classes over the last 40 years and showed that even though there have been ups and downs at certain times – each asset class provides returns true to type in the long run. He warned that to ignore growth assets completely and simply play 100% safe cash type investments would ultimately cost the investor a better return on capital. This was borne out in the many examples that he gave. (While these are broad statements, before investing assets need to be in line with your own particular risk and investment tolerance profile - as clients you are aware of discussions that you have with your financial planner to establish the mix of investments that suit your situation at any given piont in time).


Matt is an excellent speaker who was in Brisbane presenting earlier in the day. In fact his flight arrived here at 6.55pm and as promised Warwick Edwards managed to get him to us 6 minutes before he was due to speak! Thanks Warwick!


Before Matt spoke we enjoyed some drinks and finger food and following the presentation we had a screening of epic film 'The Butler' which traced the life and times of a black man who rose from cotton plantation to serve as butler to 8 US Presidents.


It was another successful event. Thanks to Warwick Edwards from Perpetual for making Matt Sherwood available, to our colleagues at Myers McCann for sharing the work load and to the staff at the Piccadilly for their cooperation and willingness to accommodate our needs.


March 2013.

We have drawn the prize to say "thank you" to all those who responded to Robert Steventon's client service survey. As a result it's Congratulations!! to Anne-Marie Rutter who has won a gift voucher for the Intercontinental Hotel North Terrace.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to complete the survey, your feedback is always useful in improving what we do.

Marcia Saunders - Marcia retires!!

After 20 years (and one week!!) with CPB, Marcia Saunders called it a day on 9th August this year (2012). Marcia joined CPB in 1992 when CPB was very much a fledgling business, only established 2 years previously. As the Client Services Manager, Marcia was responsible for the implementing and administration of advice given to clients by our financial planners. In doing so Marcia endeared herself to many clients, many of them becoming personal friends over the years.

A function at the Port Dock Brewery recently held in her honour and attended by over 90 clients and friends was a fitting tribute to the impact that Marcia has had during her time with CPB. Speeches were given by her colleague Fred Reiter (on behalf of CPB), Rawdyn Stubing (on behalf of our clients) before a slightly overwhelmed Marcia herself spoke. She spoke of the privilege she has had to "share life" with the clients and talked of the many things she planned to do in her retirement (spending more time with her grandson high on the list!)

Marcia now becomes the inaugural President of the CPB Retired Officers Club, a position she will hold until we send another member her way!

Congratulations and best wishes for the future Marcia. Thanks you for all your hard work. We will continue to keep in touch.

Client Seminar Series

Tuesday 28th May 2013



The latest in our Client Seminar Series was held at the Atrium Room of the Hackney Hotel just on the edge of the City. With easy access and plenty of parking, it proved to be an excellent venue and one that we will use more often. (We also understand now how quickly the cold air decends on the room because of the glass roof and will make sure that next time the air con is managed better!!)



Our guest speakers for the evening were Stephen Halmarick, Head of Economic and Market Research with Colonial First State Global Asset Management and Julie Steed, Technical Services Manager with IOOF Holdings Limited.



Stephen did an excellent job of presenting the state of the World economies and how they may impact what happens here in Australia. Stephen was able to explain the complex in a way that was understandable to those of us who are not used to looking deeper into economic issues. Stephen gave us insights into the upside effect that (particularly) India and China are having on western economies and also talked of the strategies that other Countries, such as the US, Greece & Spain are implementing in an effort to ease the financial challenges that they face.



Julie Steed from IOOF then gave us a run down on measures that were tabled in the Swan Labor Budget a couple of weeks prior. Julie is a technical resource available to our Planners and staff and was able to provide a layman's guide to the Government's agenda behind the Budget. All in all there wasn't a lot in the Budget, although proposed changes were announced to the Centrelink treatment of allocated pensions from 2015. This is something that Michael, Fred, Vlado, Robert will discuss with you at review, however if you are considering starting one or know of someone who is looking to retire, it is worth getting them to talk to our Planners sooner rather than later.


Refreshments followed the presentations.


Tuesday 27th November 2012


On this occasion we held our Client and friends Seminar at the Picadilly Cinema in O'Connell Street North Adelaide.


Chris Caton, the Chief Economist with the BT Financial Group updated on the current financial markets and gave commentary on the economic for Australia and other major World Countries.


Following Chris' presentation we all enjoyed refreshments and then sat back and watched the new release James Bond movie "Skyfall".


All in all another well attended and appreciated evening.



Tuesday 22nd May 2012



The latest in our Client Seminar Series was held on Tuesday May 22nd 2012 at the Figtree Room inside the Adelaide Zoo.


Access to the venue proved a little interesting as once the Zoo closes at 5pm the idea is to keep the animals in and the humans out! However we soon had all of our people and speakers inside the venue.



Recently returned from a tour of US and European financial markets, Felix has had first hand contact with a wide range of key financial and economic personalities in institutions and Governments. He will be speaking with us about the latest market developments, the impact for Australian investors and provide insights as to the way ahead.

Felix spoke of cycles, giving examples from the past and showed how they compared with business cycles. He spoke of investor sentiment and how now more than ever, with easy immediate access to information investor behaviour itself can impact markets more quickly and on a grander scale than ever before.


Felix spoke of US policy related economic uncertainty being at a high point and pointed to the measures that central banks are taking through the lowering of interest rates. He talked about the world, instead of being dominated in the past by US and USSR (a bi-polar world) is fast becoming a multi polar world, where economies are highly integrated, inter-dependant and interlocked. He referred to the economic rise of countries like China, India and Brazil. He spoke of the key resources from a global perspective as being water, power and food over the next 10 years and also covered world inequalities in income and shared with us the World Corruption Index. (Australia is very clean incidentally!)


Felix said that most world governments are fully aware of the steps that they need to take to fix their issues. The problem is that they are not sure that they can get elected after they do it.


•It is likely that the present business cycle would be 'short and sharp' and end due to heightened political instability. It is almost not important what decision is made about (for example Greece) as long as a decision is made and investors and Governments can make plans to move forward in certainty.

•It is unlikely that sufficient counter-cyclical monetary or fiscal policies would be introduced to extend the duration of the cycle because of domestic and global political impediments.

•We would need to modify our asset allocation profile by being prepared to manage risk efficiently and let returns be a bi-product of good 'risk Management'.


"In a time of Drastic Change, it is the Learners who inherit the Future. The Learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that No Longer Exists"


Eric Hoffer (American Social Writer & Philosopher 1902 - 1983)


Felix provides a regular pod cast (also in downloadable pdf format of his market commentary on the Advance website and you are welcome to click on the link below and bookmark it for your future reference:


George Smith (a classical Australian bush poet) spoke following Felix and provided some levity from the usual fare offered at our seminars by presenting 2 poems about hiuman behaviour. Whilst the audience was initially surprised when they realised that George was not an expert in finance, economics or the markets, they quickly warmed to his presentation and he was well received. (Maybe next time we should warn everyone)


Our final presenter was Brook Angove.

Brook is no stranger to us here at CPB as 10 years ago Brook was the State Manager for Garvan Financial Planning, part of MLC and for a period worked closely with us. When Brook was transferred interstate he continued to work in the financial services industry in corporate roles, before becoming a Director of a well known Adelaide finance broking business.


It was then that Brook was diagnosed with a chronic and challenging illness that caused a total rethink of his circumstances.


Always a planner and goal setter, Brook as a young family man had set specific goals:


"…My mission is to create an environment in which each member of my family can achieve their full potential.

Personally, I want to achieve in my career and use the income from this to establish myself comfortably and travel and live unrestricted.

To do this I will ensure that I maintain health and effective relationships above anything else..."


And that is what he did. He was a keen sportsman, a tri-athlete, a golfer (with an awful hook) who kept himself fit. A passionate Geelong supporter. He excelled in his job, receiving awards and promotions, establishing a good lifestyle for he, his wife Robyn-Ann and their 3 sons. The boys attended St Peters College, and Brook and Robyn-Ann travelled extensively.


Parkinson's Disease was not part of Brook's plans.


Of Parkinson's, Brook says:


"….The name Parkinson's Disease does not convey any suffering, rather it sounds like you can't remember where you left the car in the car park.

During the times when the drugs do not work well, I experience what it feels like to be on the inside of a body that the brain cannot move. It is not blinding agony, but it is a persistent mental and physical ache, one I cannot imagine living with for a long time… but I still count myself as lucky…"


Brook went on to talk about the many many people in dire circumstance: accident, illness and those far worse than he.

He implored the audience to ensure that they have the necessary insurance covers in place, not just for them, but for their working children as well. For Brook it meant that health issues did not also become financial issues and allowed him to concentrate on improving his health without money worries.


He referred us back to his Creed which kept him motivated:

"…My mission is to create an environment in which each member of my family can achieve their full potential.

Personally, I want to achieve in my career and use the income from this to establish myself comfortably and travel and live unrestricted.

To do this I will ensure that I maintain health and effective relationships above anything else…"


as he decided that he was not going to let his illness (Parkinson's Disease) get the better of him or change his goals in life.


It hasn't been easy, some days are better than others, but Brook continues to work and espouse the virtues of insurance cover to people, he established the Adelaide chapter of the Geelong Supporter's Club (at a time when the Club was not successful and in financial strife), he has continued to provide for his family, continued to help them achieve their dreams and continues to give back through his work with Parkinson's Australia.


"…My Mission is to make the next five years of my life, the best five years of my life, and then the five after that and…………"


We finished the evening with some refreshments and canapés.

Thanks to Advance, BT, Asgard and Securitor for their support of the evening.


Seminar Tues 31st May 2011


The latest in our series of Client Briefings was held at the National Wine Centre on Tuesday May 31st with the aim of providing clients with access to quality speakers and information.


The briefing was attended by close to 100 people and the speakers for the evening were Chris Caton, Andrew Bridgland and John Morgan.


Chris Caton, Chief Economist of BT Financial Group is a well known and respected market commentator and provided interesting insights into both the Australian and Global financial markets.Chris provided candid interpretations of recent developments in the Middle East as well as his view of the world post financial crisis.


Chris shared with us the quote from British economist and philosopher John Stuart Mill who wrote: "What has so often excited wonder, the great rapidity with which countries recover from a state of devastation; the disappearance, in a short time of all traces of the mischiefs done by earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and the ravages of war." The interesting thing is that the quote was written in 1872!! and Chris went on to cite cases where economies have bounced back strongly from catastrophies and stated that he believed Australia would be no different with the current round of floods, and that both New Zealand and especially Japan will be stung into action to do what is necessary to stimulate recovery from their recent disasters.


Chris pointed out that Queensland coal exports are starting to recover from their low in January 2011, talked of Government debt not being an issue although we (the papers) are often preoccupied with it, that we have solid trading forecasts, that the Government expected a big turnaround in the budget deficit and predicted that by December 2011 the ASX200 would be 5250, the 10 year bond rate at 5.6% and the Aussie dollar buying 92 cents US.


Chris highlighted that the share market has continue to recover on an upward trajectory since the GFC and that he believed that the Australian market, based on forward price/earnings ratios was indeed cheap. Chris showed growth predictions for the major economies, talked about 'big' Asia and the part that China and India continues to play in Australia's fortunes, adding that we are well placed in our region. He showed that we as households are saving more, that house privces are coming off, that Adelaide is well priced compared to national averages, that inflation will remain steady into 2012, that Australia's long term growth prospects between now and 2021 are predicted at 3.2.


In summing up Chris said that the Global economy is recovering albeit slowly, that the threat of the US double dip has disappeared as predicted by many, Eurozone debt remains a serious issue but is not a game changer, the Aust economy should continue to grow lead by the mining sector, that we are well placed with our major trading partners being in the Asia region, that interest rates will eventually rise further, that the exchange rate is above fair value and that share markets are still cheap


Chris left us to ponder the insignificance of our deficit when compared to the rest of the world as shown on the chart below;


Andrew Bridgland from MLC shared with us a true life personal story about a local couple whose own retirement plans were seriously affected by their children's unfortunate circumstances. Andrew spoke from the heart as he shared of the sacrifices made by newly retired parents who were faced with the tragic death by car accident of their son in law. Andrew told of how they decided to abandon their carefully laid out plans for their retirement and instead provide financial help for their daughter with the mortgage, their grandchildren's education and other expenses.


Andrew challenged the audience and asked, how much did we really know about your children's finances, their debt levels, do they have income protection, do they have adequate life insurance? He went on to say that maybe one of the best investments that we can make for our grown up children is to encourage them to see a financial planner, get the right amount of cover, even pay the first year's premium. It could save a lot of financial pain for everyone down the track.


The formal part of the evening concluded with drinks and canapés.


If you are an existing client of ours and would like attend the next event (Oct / Nov 2011) please email and we will ensure that you are sent the details when to hand.

If you are not a client, but would like to attend, you are (of course) most welcome. Please contact Marcia or Karley at our office (08 8341 2411) who will answer any questions you may have.



Client Seminar Series


Held 27th October 2010

North Adelaide Golf Links, North Adelaide


Guest Speakers:

Felix Stephen - Manager, Investment Strategy and Research, Advance Investment Solutions.

Melissa Yule - Senior Associate, Lynch Meyer



Felix Stephen is not just a commentator on Australian and global markets as he is responsible for casting and overseeing implementation of strategic and tactical asset allocations with the Advance Investment Solutions team.


Felix writes numerous market papers and publications covering thematic and topical subjects around global financial asset markets.


Felix was quick to confirm to the audience that there will be no double dip recession in the US. (Something that Jonathon Pain also stated at our last Seminar in May) Felix said that it just won't happen. He gave numerous reasons for his confidence but in the main he said that Governments around the World had been taking swift and decisive action to ensure that the World economy continues to work its way out of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). He sited many examples where Governments, Reserve Banks had taken measures to ensure the flow of funds and enable business to get on with the task of generating growth in economies. He stated that World authorities have changed the way that they conduct and implement policy and are far more pro active than they have been in the past.


Key Authorities around the World are likely to keep official interest rates down for a very long time in an effort to make borrowing affordable to empower business to drive growth.


Felix said that some countries will experience higher inflation in the short to medium period, but this is necessary to help generate growth. The situation in Japan for example is that they are almost recording DEflation and when there is little prospect of a return on the investment and business dollar, business will simply not invest... and Bankers will simply not lend. So some inflation is healthy.


Felix also spoke at length about geo political issues, that the World is now divided into a number of sectors, the developing countries (eg China, India, Brazil, Russia) and the traditionally recognised developed countries (of Europe, USA, Japan and including Australia). He said however that even within those sectors there are sub sectors... and that each of the sectors should be viewed independently. The issues of the US are different to those of say Japan and the EU Countries. As is Australia with its close alignment to China and India in terms of trade and commodities.


Felix gave indications as to the short medium and longer outlook for the various asset classes. These are available in PDF format and should you wish to have a copy please call our office and ask for them to be emailed to you ((08) 8341 2411 Marcia)


Felix closed with some interesting forecasts on the Middle East, in that he believed there would be events surrounding Iran's Nuclear facility in the first half of next year... and that these events would have an initial impact on global markets, but that markets would rebound quickly.


One of the main takeaways from Felix's session was to bear in mind the 'disconnect' between "current news" and the Markets. By current news, Felix meant Economic data and commentary, events and the like. He said that we must remember that the major players in the Markets, eg institutionalised investors and similar, and indeed the Markets themselves have already priced in 'events and news' and positioned themselves accordingly. By the time the world itself begins to react it is because of investor sentiment and often too late to really achieve anything of significance. Sound investing is about strategy not about reacting.


Melissa Yule used some high profile celebrity cases to demonstrate some of the basic errors that people make when dealing with their estate planning.


Melissa specialises in dealing with disputed estates, helping sort out the 'mess' when Wills are challenged.


We looked at the case of Peter Brock, very heavily documented in the press these past few years. The fact that there were numerous attempts at Wills, unfortunately in most cases not properly constructed or signed, compounded Brock's estate, as did his involved personal life. In the end the Court made judgements on his Estate, but was it how Peter would have wished or intended?


Melissa also walked us through the Estate issues of Brett Whiteley, the famous painter whose lack of clear estate planning documentation left his estate open to challenge.


The message from Melissa was simple and certainly made those attending think about their own situation:


Review your estate planning documents whenever your personal circumstances change (divorce, separation, etc), whenever your financial siuation changes significantly and regardless... use tax time to trigger a quick read of your documents each year and make sure you understand what will happen on your death.


Questions, drinks and canapes ended an enjoyable evening.


If you are an existing client of ours and would like attend the next Seminar (April / May 2011) please email and we will ensure that you are sent the details when to hand.

If you are not a client, but would like to attend, you are (of course) most welcome. Please contact Marcia at our office who will answer any questions you may have.



Client Seminar Series.


Held Tuesday May 11th 2010

6pm-7.30pm Osmond Tce Function Centre Norwood.


Guest Speakers:

Jonathon Pain, respected market commentator well known for his contrary views and insightful analysis of the Australian and World economies.

Tony Bongiorno, an enlightening and entertaining speaker with a life time's experience in the financial sector and

John Morgan, a retiree with a story to tell.


There was an excellent turn out to hear Jonathon Pain deliver his thoughts on the state of the Australian and World economies. Jonathon encouraged us to think about 'submerging' nations and 'emerging' nations rather than divide the World in the traditional 'developed' and 'developing' nations. This referred to the debt levels carried by Countries such as USA, Greece, Spain, Japan (and others) compared to that of the emerging Countries like China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam (to name a few).

Jonathon spoke of the fact that the US for example needed (and would) become net savers in days to come rather than net spenders, whereas the Chinas and Indias of the world would be net spenders rather than net savers as they 'emerge', urbanise and commoditise.

In delivering his rationale, Jonathon provided many examples and illustrations from his extensive reading, as well as from his personal experience overseas in the UK, the Middle East and Asia.

Given Australia's geographical position and existing relationships with the Asian economies, Jonathon is optimistic about Australia's prospect of continued strong economic growth.


Tony Bongiorno then shared from his enormous 'kit bag' of experience in the financial services sector and spoke with us about the history of pensions and superannuation in Australia. In his inimitable anecdotal style, Tony shared his logic with colourful stories, (the good kind!) and illustrations leaving the audience with the clear message that Super has been and will continue to be the correct and most advantageous structure for most people to fund and manage retirement savings.


Which brought us to John Morgan. John's speaking credentials for the evening were simply that he is a client and therefore could tell the story of his own journey to retirement with conviction. John's also worked as an economic forecaster, a treasury analyst and then in his own Company developing analytical software and spreadsheets for the financial services sector.

His message when approaching retirement and wondering "How much is enough?' was fourfold. Know what you want to do in retirement, make some return and inflation assumptions, think about how long the money should last and finally about what you want to leave to others when you are gone.

John also encouraged retirees not to be afraid of using their accumulated capital in a measured way at retirement, for in the end that is the purpose for which it was saved!!


Questions, drinks and canapes ended an enjoyable evening.


If you are an existing client of ours and would like attend the next Seminar (Sept / Oct) please email and we will ensure that you are sent the details when to hand.

If you are not a client, but would like to attend, you are (of course) most welcome. Please contact Marcia at our office who will answer any questions you may have.(Ph: 8341 2411).


Robert Steventon.

Securitor Rising Star Adviser of the Year 2010.


Colleagues, clients and associates of CPB Financial Services would like to congratulate Robert for winning the Securitor Financial Group, South Australian Rising Star Adviser of the Year Award for 2010.

Robert's Award was given in recognition of his commitment to excellence as a financial planner and is a significant career achievement. Well done to Robert and to all those who support him at CPB.


Neil Younger, Head of Securitor Dealer Services presents Robert with his Award.